University of Southeastern Philippines Institute of Computing Future Technology Students under Sir Mark Buladaco
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PostSubject: Sharing Schedule   Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:16 am

Unit I: Where are we?
•Where are we now?
•What does the future look like these days?
•What should the future look like?

Unit II: How did we get here?
•A step back – Historicizing Cyberspace
•A step further back – Historicizing Information Technology
•Return to the 80s – How did cyberpunk get invented?

Unit III: Back to the Future: Topics in Cyber-subjectivity
•Technology trends: computer, communications, multimedia, laser, etc.
•The Wired Self
•Virtual Community and Personal fluidity
•Synthesizing Humanity

Unit IV: InfoPolitics
•Information as a commodity
•Access and ownership
•The wired workplace
•Virtual democracy?

Unit V: Where do we go from here?
•Imagining “futures” we can live in
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Sharing Schedule
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