University of Southeastern Philippines Institute of Computing Future Technology Students under Sir Mark Buladaco
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This course deals with the future trends of technology. We will look at these trends from a historical perspective. We will start from early development through to present day and look at where technology is headed. Key areas of technologies that we use in our program curriculum will be explored in more detail; such as computers, communications, electronics, laser, and the human resource factor in advanced technology.

The bursting of the technology bubble and the gradual maturity of traditional markets for information technology has intensified the search for new markets, technologies, applications and business models. This course focuses on emerging trends in IT and their impact on industry structure, corporate strategy, and competitive dynamics. The impact on established business models and industry structure is also explored in detail.
Topics are covered through a combination of lectures, class discussions, film viewing, case studies, diorama, and first-hand accounts from IT experts.

Course Objectives:
•To gain an understanding of where the technology we use today is headed.
•To gain a historical perspective of where the current technology we use comes from and how it was developed.
•To understand the basic concepts behind the technology that we use today.
•To develop an awareness of the social and economic impact technology has on our society.

Unit I: Where are we?
•Where are we now?
•What does the future look like these days?
•What should the future look like?

Unit II: How did we get here?
•A step back – Historicizing Cyberspace
•A step further back – Historicizing Information Technology
•Return to the 80s – How did cyberpunk get invented?

Unit III: Back to the Future: Topics in Cyber-subjectivity
•Technology trends: computer, communications, multimedia, laser, etc.
•The Wired Self
•Virtual Community and Personal fluidity
•Synthesizing Humanity

Unit IV: InfoPolitics
•Information as a commodity
•Access and ownership
•The wired workplace
•Virtual democracy?

Unit V: Where do we go from here?
•Imagining “futures” we can live in


Sharing/Reporting 20%
Case Study 20%
Project (Diorama and Presentation) 60%
TOTAL 100%


Mark Van M. Buladaco
BSIT (University of Southeastern Philippines)
MIT (University of Immaculate Concepcion)

• Register in the forum:
• Your username should be your full name
• Files and instructions will be posted on the group.
• You should have a personal electronic journal or blog to post your answers in each case study and other related posts.
• The class should be divided into five groups for the sharing/reporting. Each units of the course outline represents the topics to be discussed per group.

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Course Details
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