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 Case 1 (Due: December 24,2010 11:59 pm)

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ailaine adaptar


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PostSubject: technology and us   Fri Dec 24, 2010 8:47 pm

In my initial perspective, people use technology to fulfill his needs and wants. Technology is developed to cater human cravings for comfort ability, productivity, connectivity, luxury and etc. And since people believe that these technologies satisfy them, majority engage themselves to technology willingly.

There are more factors involved in technology change but I believe the most influential factor is competition. People/Institutions exert significant efforts to achieve excellence against its co-competitors. Competition is undeniably present in any areas of living. It leads to unending research and hunger for technological growth within and beyond the institutions. Competitors gradually, sometimes rapidly, install more advance equipments that aims a system that is more effective and productive and be able to surpass its rivals.

Technology has greatly influenced the different fields of the society (education, commerce, government, etc.). It somehow change civilization by altering our environment which in turn people tend to adapt. These changes gradually modifies the human mentality itself and it usually changes the material and social environment of the people.

For instance, an employer has to embrace technological advancement to excel against its competitors. As such, he and the other competing companies may require applicants/employees that are skilled or at least exposed to the technology their company is using. As a result, the job-seekers/students/applicants would have the mentality of seeking an education from advanced schools, training institution, and etc. Consequently, the latter institutions may also embrace latest technologies to attract these people and cater them. It is pretty obvious in the scenario that when one embraces new technology, all other are affected or indirectly coerce to follow.


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John Cesar E. Manlangit


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PostSubject: Case Study 1   Fri Dec 24, 2010 10:06 pm

Before I will answer this question, let me define first what is TECHNOLOGY.

According to Wikipedia, “Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization.”

Things that we use in our everyday lives can be called technology. A hammer and a nail can be considered a technology. Gadgets like cellphones, laptops, ipods and more are what we call modern technology.

Reasons why we use technology today:

1. To have a better living - Technology helps us in our everyday lives. Technology helps us in cleaning, cooking, doing assignments, etc..
2. For entertainment – we have things like TV, mp3 players, DVD players and more if we want to be entertained.
3. To gather information – one of the uses of technology nowadays is to disseminate information to people.

Some points that have influenced us:
People use technology in everyday lives. The reasons I stated above can be also the influences why people use technology today.

Factors involved in technology change

1. The needs of the people – Technology changes because of the needs of the people. As time goes by, people want faster and more efficient technologies for their everyday lives.
2. Trends in technology – technology really change from time to time, no doubt about it. As the years passes, technology evolves to adapt to new trends.
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Neil Rey Niere


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PostSubject: Case Study   Fri Dec 24, 2010 11:49 pm

The technology today:
-It is easier for us to do things without exerting too much work force
-Made our Lives become better
-Effortless communication
-Productive business projects

Factors influences us?
-The trend
-The advantages a of technology in our daily lives
-Cool experience

Factors involved in Technology Change.
-The demand of the people
-undying Needs of the society
-The capacity of the people to adapt.

These are my answers with the case study and it's all my own perception as what I have experienced and observed.

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sharlyn joy pines


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PostSubject: Re: Case 1 (Due: December 24,2010 11:59 pm)   Sat Dec 25, 2010 12:42 am

We use technology today because:
- it's the current trend
- makes our work easier and convenient
- makes communication easier and faster
- for future developments
- business purposes

What influenced us:
- the demands in the fast changing society
- peer pressure and belonging
- future advancements
- better communications
- self-fulfillment

Factors in technology change:

- people's needs
- business needs
- self-actualization
- better communications

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Jezreel Jyl P. Hilado


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PostSubject: case study   Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:20 pm

Enumerate reasons why we use technology today. What are some points that have influenced us? What are the factors involved in technology change?

We all know that technology is everywhere. and there are also many reasons why we use technology most especially in education today.

Reasons why we use technology and some points that have influenced us:

*Students learn and develop at different rates: Technology can individualize instruction. Through computer networks called integrated learning systems, teachers can prescribe individual learning paths for students.

**Graduates must be proficient at accessing, evaluating, and communicating information: Online tools and resources allow students to efficiently gather and evaluate information, then communicate their thoughts and findings.

***Technology can foster an increase in the quantity and quality of students' thinking and writing: Perhaps one of the best documented successes with computers in education is in developing students' writing. Several features of word processors seem to reduce the phobia often associated with writing. Writing on the computer has a temporary feel, making it easier to take creative and grammatical risks.

****Graduates must solve complex problems: Higher-level process skills cannot be “taught” in the traditional sense; they cannot be transferred directly from the teacher to the learner. A collection of computer applications often called productivity tools could revolutionize the way students work and, more important, the way they think.

*****Technology can nurture artistic expression: Modern technology-based art forms (video production, digital photography, computer-based animation, and the like) have great appeal, encouraging artistic expression among our diverse student population.

******Graduates must be globally aware and able to use resources that exist outside the school:Technological tools allow students to inexpensively and instantly reach around the world, learning first-hand about other cultures.

*******Technology creates opportunities for students to do meaningful work: Technology can provide a widespread audience for students' work. Computers link students to the world, provide new reasons to write, and offer new sources of feedback on ideas. Students' video products shown on local cable stations can produce high levels of motivation and accomplishment.

********All students need access to high-level and high-interest courses: Through instructional television, students can view and discuss events they otherwise could not experience. Laserdiscs and CD-ROMs put thousands of images and topics at students' fingertips. Distance education technologies can bring important learning experiences to students, even in districts where small student populations have made some courses impossible to offer.

*********Students must feel comfortable with the tools of the Information Age: Computers and other technologies are an increasingly important part of the world in which students live. Many of today's information producers are converting their knowledge bases to digital format and are constructing new technologies to increase speed, capacity, and reliability of dissemination.

**********Schools must increase their productivity and efficiency: Technology can re-place (not replace) the teacher. When stage-three educators determine what students should do and how teachers and technologies can support students, many of the routine tasks done by teachers can be reassigned to technology, elevating the role of teacher. [1]

There are a lot of factors involved in technology change,one thing that i would like to point out is that technology is not constant. it changes and it upgrades every now and then. There are many new inventions that exist today and there are lots of upgraded technology. and that affects technology change.



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michael george guanzon


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PostSubject: Case Study 1   Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:53 pm

What is Technology? According to Wikipedia, “Technology is the usage and knowledge of tools, techniques, crafts, systems or methods of organization. The word technology comes from the Greek technología— téchnē, an "art", "skill" or "craft" and -logía, the study of something, or the branch of knowledge of a discipline.”

Why do we use technology today?

• To connect with other people
• To be entertained
• To make life easier
• To make work faster and more efficient

What are some points that have influenced us?
• The need of the people to use technology in our everyday lives
• Technology helps us in many ways

What are the factors involved in technology change?
• The need of the people for a more efficient technology
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Joverly A. Gonzales

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PostSubject: Case Studies 1   Tue Dec 28, 2010 11:19 am

Why do we use technology today?

•For communication
-----to communicate love ones easy even they are in the other side of the world

•For education
-----to give more colourful, stimulating lectures by the used of multimedia technology

•For entertainments
-----To take away the boredom and stress even for a while by the used of the current technology like cell phones, mp3/mp4, laptops, iPod, ect.,

• To make life easy

What are some points that have influenced us?

• Curiosity
• The good outcome of using the technology
• The demand of fast changing environment
• The trend

What are the factors involved in technology change?

• Competition
• Contentment
• Business/People’s demand

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cheers Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! cheers

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jealou azucena


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PostSubject: Case Study 1   Wed Jan 05, 2011 10:58 pm

Enumerate reasons why we use technology today. What are some points that have influenced us? What are the factors involved in technology change?

People use technology to make life easier.
Technology as a whole is the application of human knowledge to make life easier.

To make our life easier in terms of education, communication, work, transportation and entertainment people continue to improve and develop technology.

That is the reason why technology nowadays continues to evolve in ways that helps people to work efficiently, travel more comfortably, learn easily and have fun and entertainment that has never been experience before.

P.S. A so late answer. I'am very sorry sir.
Happy New Year...

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PostSubject: Case Study 1   Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:46 am

Enumerate reasons why we use technology today. What are some points that have influenced us? What are the factors involved in technology change?

Arrow Reason of using technology:
*To have better communication
*A ease way of living, to help the people of their work
*To enhance the knowledge of the people and discover new things beyond galaxies
*A solution for different problems we encounter

Arrow Things that influence us is because of :
*the idea of other persons and we think a better idea of his/her idea
*more on the business demand to earn more money

Arrow Risk Factors involved of technology project:

Factor 1: Achievable goals
Reduce risk by clarifying goals. If the clarified goals are too ambitious, they can be scaled back or the schedule lengthened. This is what will happen if the project starts to fail, so it's better to do it at the outset.

Factor 2: Activity type
Avoid projects in Nonfocus areas, since they are not what your organization is about. In other words, concentrate your efforts where you have expertise. To avoid the high consequences of failure in Critical Focus activities, experiment with new technologies in a Noncritical Focus activity first.

Factor 3: Resources and commitment
Ensure sufficient resources and management/organizational commitment.

Factor 4: Organizational setting
Do not try out new technologies in long-linked settings for two reasons: first, these usually involve many areas of the organization (and thus are usually Critical Focus activities also); second, long-linked systems are hard to change, so are not suitable to experimental approaches. Instead, develop pilot projects (Intensive). After a pilot project two factors have improved: you know more (Factor 5) and the Technology is older (Factor 6).

Factor 5: Project participants
The obvious way to increase Experience is to hire staff or consultants who are familiar with the technologies employed. If this is not possible, give the project team what they need to increase their understanding of the technologies.

In addition, do not neglect the attitudes of the project team. These are improved by giving the project importance through management commitment, by giving the team time and resources to work, and by other normal management practices.

Finally, keep the project team small. Seven or fewer members is sufficient. Team members can be added or dropped depending on the phase of the project. Avoid at all costs adding team members for political reasons, which will only delay the project and frustrate the team.

Factor 6: Technology age
Risk can be reduced by using Current instead of New technologies. Or projects can be delayed until the technology is proven. (This depends on whether your organization wants a risky R&D project or a less risky operational system.)
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PostSubject: Re: Case 1 (Due: December 24,2010 11:59 pm)   

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Case 1 (Due: December 24,2010 11:59 pm)
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